Rebels And Roses |DISCONTINUED|

Rebels And Roses |DISCONTINUED|

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Fawkes By shiverfawkes Updated Jan 28

Matthew Patrick is the Lone-Wolf "Bad Boy" of Emerald High. Nobody dares mess with the tattooed boy. But maybe that's why he takes interest in the new kid.

Nathan Smith is the Bubbly but broken "New Kid" of Emerald high. Forever getting teased about his clothing and looks. Maybe that's why he lashes out at the Punk.

[ Nate - 16]
[MatPat - 17]

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PxstelQueen PxstelQueen Nov 14, 2016
Same here Nate. Like I can blush at random comments, hell I'm blushing writing this-
WolfiegirlplayzGames WolfiegirlplayzGames Oct 30, 2016
I always blush at the stupidest things.... i.e a boy staring at me but no one can tell I blush because I always wear makeup.... (not like the fake people just foundation, blush, and eye shadow.)
- - Jan 27, 2017
This is so me. I will be basically dying of nervousness while I say it too.
WhereIsLenny WhereIsLenny Dec 16, 2016
I blush at the randomest of times. Like, if I do something embarrassing, I am the furthest thing from blushing. But if I'm teasing my friends, I'm bright pink.
D3zi26 D3zi26 Aug 26, 2016
I usually get flushed but you can't really tell I'm blushing unless you look close. Yay to being not super dark skinned but dark enough to make it hard for people to tell if you are blushing!
TheVenturiangirl TheVenturiangirl Apr 07, 2016
I have that problem ;-; its embarrassing Cuz it happens at the worst possible times; when a late group of people can see.