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The Man Of Trees (Natepat)  by ExistingISuppose
The Man Of Trees (Natepat) by aM bLuE dA bA dEe DaB a DiE d...
(Note: I had a full description written many times and Wattpad kept deleting it. This is as good as youre getting. The real description will be in the book.) Two men mee...
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A True Theorist ~ A MatPat Fanfiction by itsartsyinspo
A True Theorist ~ A MatPat Artsy
Matthew Patrick, Game Theorist, has a daughter, Lilli Patrick. Since birth, she has been raised by another couple, as MatPat and Stephanie were not yet ready for childre...
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Adopted by Matpat and Steph  by ViralButNotReally
Adopted by Matpat and Steph by Viral ButNotReally
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Carnophobia || Natepat fanfiction by midgetackerman
Carnophobia || Natepat fanfictionby Meme Ruler
Carnophobia is the fear of meat which to Nate is hell as the male come from a family of cannibals. These cannibals have been genetically modified to work differently fr...
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Music For If You Miss Me (Stephew AU) by wandering_sadie
Music For If You Miss Me ( wandering_sadie
In 1984, Matthew Patrick is just trying to impress a girl with a cassette tape. However, when the cassette tape gets sent to the wrong girl, Stephanie Cordato, and she s...
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In A Lab (Jacksepticeye X Neko Reader) by OkamiAkuna
In A Lab (Jacksepticeye X Neko Jordan Miler
Read the story
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Natepat Oneshots by ExistingISuppose
Natepat Oneshotsby aM bLuE dA bA dEe DaB a DiE d...
Cuz I'm an uncreative lil fucknugget
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Call me Nate {Natepat} by shiverfawkes
Call me Nate {Natepat}by Yeet
"Natalie..." "That's not my name." ||TRIGGER WARNING|| |transphobia|homophobia|panic attacks| ¡completed¡
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Escape the Night Oneshots! by wandering_sadie
Escape the Night Oneshots!by wandering_sadie
*maybe spoilers* just several oneshots about etn! i take requests.
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Undeniable Love (NatePat/GameTheoristswantstobattle) by 0lostgalaxy0
Undeniable Love (NatePat/ Youth
Nathan Smith (Natewantstobattle) is new to Channel High and Matthew Patrick (The Game Theorists) has to show him around. He expects to meet an emo boy from what everyone...
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Lay With Me by sammisue_
Lay With Meby Vel (Sammi)
Matthew and Stephanie plan a picnic, in which the unexpected happens. Disclaimer: This is not for the faint of heart. We took angst to a whole new level in this work. Th...
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The Unknown McLaughlin? by mashtonscuddles
The Unknown McLaughlin?by ari
Chloe McLaughlin? Never heard of that name.
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Stephew Oneshots by sammisue_
Stephew Oneshotsby Vel (Sammi)
A collection of oneshots of Matthew and Stephanie Patrick.
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Just Call Me MatPat {Natepat} by shiverfawkes
Just Call Me MatPat {Natepat}by Yeet
"Nathan I'm here." [[Call Me Nate 2 - Electric Boogaloo]] ||Trigger Warning|| #69 in natepat
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I'm Surviving My Ex by NightfuryLover5
I'm Surviving My Exby BreeWantsToBattle
Sequel to I'm Surviving Five Nights. Read that BEFORE reading this. I own nothing. This is a bit darker than what I normally write and for anyone who is just looking for...
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Bright like the Sun? Or Dark as Night? by ArthurBraddock
Bright like the Sun? Or Dark as Arthur Braddock
Septiplier and NatePat. At university. With the dark forms of themselves. Although, for the purposes of this, they are going to be twins.
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Adopted by MatPat by giantpika
Adopted by MatPatby Giantpika
If you don't know who MatPat is he is creator of game theory
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Through Heaven's Fall (NateWantsToBattle & TheGameTheorist) Coming Soon by Nobody2014
Through Heaven's Fall ( Harvey's Meerkat
2014. The year said to bring Peace to Earth. Since the invasion of 2009, earth suffered major damage, wiping our entire city. Only few people survived. Now 5 years lat...
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Finally Made It (ON HOLD) by itsartsyinspo
Finally Made It (ON HOLD)by Artsy
Echo's always wanted to be like them. Always wanted to be something more than she was. Now, she has the chance to be...
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So It Goes by sammisue_
So It Goesby Vel (Sammi)
While driving back from the grocery store with Jason's birthday cake, Matthew and Stephanie endure a head-on collision with a drunk driver, rendering both unconscious. M...
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