Polaroids + Postcards

Polaroids + Postcards

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H.M. Wilson By PlottingerTwist Updated Jul 14

Jason Lovett, a broke guitar-player from Tennessee, is leaving New York to get to what might be a career-making gig in Cali. But before he gets far, his car breaks down. Being stranded without a car & money and running short on time to get to the performance of a lifetime, he resorts to his only hope: hitchhiking. Little does he realize that he will be stuck with a strange girl with lavender-colored hair, who drives a Volkswagen Beetle & goes by the name of Della Rae... 

Who knew a trip with a crazy-haired girl with cameras & a blog could change so much?


Shawn Mendes as Jason Lovett
Victoria Magrath as Della Rae
Brant Daugherty as Grant Lovett
Carey Mulligan as Gracie Lovett

LailaDarwish2000 LailaDarwish2000 May 27, 2016
That Jason guy reminds me so much of Llewyn Davis from the movie mixed in with a Harry Potter vibe (cuz the owl and all). Great start! He seems like an interesting character!
BriannadaSilva BriannadaSilva May 19, 2016
Oh man, I waited all day to read this!! I was so excited to finally get started. But I want moooore! When are you posting the next chapter? ;)
- - May 18, 2016
Well, Grant is just a peach. "I think I'm pregnant too. I want steak for dinner." Was defiantly my favorite line. XD 
                              I'm guessing it'll be  real smooth drive and he'll get there no problem. ;)
TurquoiseScribe TurquoiseScribe May 18, 2016
Grant and Grace remind me of my brother and his wife. :3 They just had a girl a week ago, but they didn't know if she was boy or girl either. XD :3
TurquoiseScribe TurquoiseScribe May 18, 2016
I enjoyed this. :3 I liked how natural Grant and Jason's conversation sounded, and how they tease each other so much, but it's all in good fun.
                              I like the time constraint for this story too. I hadn't realized there was one, now I'm eager to see how Jason takes the obstacles. o.o
BriannadaSilva BriannadaSilva May 17, 2016
This is that story with the INTJ protagonist!! *is excite* And don't you worry, we all know that first drafts aren't perfect... thank you for being brave enough to share anyway!!