That Girl Next Door (Camila/You)

That Girl Next Door (Camila/You)

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Keziah Flora By KeziahFlora Updated Mar 20, 2016


The Cabello's move to Miami from Orlando, right next to the Pryce's.

The eldest Cabello daughter, Camila was the same age as the youngest Pryce child, Y/N.

What would happen if the families of the New Girl and the School's Hottest and Baddest Chick got close? Will Camila be the reason for Y/N to change her attitude? Or not?

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jrlpzzz jrlpzzz Apr 08, 2017
Why my baby it's always a bitch on the fanfics? :(
                              She's a babyyyy
Ok like any Latino and Latina know how to pronounce her name
laurenjaurejelly laurenjaurejelly Sep 30, 2017
i wore that outfit to school minus the hat today i’m sh🐝🐝k
TeamSuperflash TeamSuperflash Aug 08, 2017
I thought I lived next door? What am I doing eating breakfast with the Cabellos?
Wait I’m next door getting ready how am I here with her 
                              Or did she see me through the window
supergirlislife supergirlislife Aug 04, 2016
Oh yea I got some abs I'm still developing my real ones I have two right now stupid pizza see what your doing to me😒