Aphmau's Old Friends    {Discontinue}

Aphmau's Old Friends {Discontinue}

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Midnight By Monochrome_Happiness Completed

"Kawaii~Chan why is Aphmau not going with us to comic-con with us?" I ask. "Ohh, Aphmau~Senpai is going with some friends; that is not us." Kawaii~Chan said in a sad tone. "Do we know these people?" "Umm... Aphmau~Senpai didn't say so, so no we don't." Hmmm, maybe I should invite the guys over se we can find out who these 'friends' are. For all we know they can be forcing Aphmau into this.

ilovegames10 ilovegames10 Aug 14, 2016
Oh laurance~ I have a little thing for you~ it's called a shotgun~
Flaming_Phoenix238 Flaming_Phoenix238 Nov 16, 2016
HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I read all 3 books!!
FedexShipsIt FedexShipsIt Dec 08, 2016
I wish I was capable of art. All my drawings look like potatoes
DaBestConstellation DaBestConstellation Sep 17, 2016
XD WHEEZY! *draws 'WEEZY' on the gang and your face* (yes you as in the person reading this comment!)
snow_cherry_4909 snow_cherry_4909 Aug 13, 2016
Unica? The only person I can relate to this is maybe a female uni
SuicideRaine SuicideRaine Dec 21, 2016
I'm killing garroth and Laurence now bye 
                              This is what you get for ruining my ship