The Pains of Loving You (Jeff The Killer X Reader) COMPLETED

The Pains of Loving You (Jeff The Killer X Reader) COMPLETED

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namjin is my air By yoongi_feverrr Completed


You grew up with Zalgo. He taught you everything you ever knew and helped build up your hatred of Slenderman. After you turned Sixteen Zalgo gave you a mission. Where you must stay in the CreepyPasta mansion and gather crucial information to benefit Zalgo's plan on killing everyone who lives there. 

But unfortunately for you, living in the mansion had a catch, and that catch was - meeting Jeff the Killer.
It was hate at fist sight, you two were the worst enemies the world had ever seen. 

Torn by guilt, you become stuck between your feelings and your orders. What will you do, carry out Zalgo's mission and betray your friends? Stick up for what you believe in? Or risk your life to save them...


EDITING (the story still makes sense) 

Cover made by me 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own CreepyPasta and I don't own you. Neither do I own the pictures I used for the cover, all credit to whoever made them.

The Reader is initially described to be female but males welcome too! All ethnicity welcome. 

ATTENTION: If you are to copy this story in any way you could be punished by a large fine.

WARNING: Censored cursing and violence

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Clockwork and Bp are Slender proxies but ur story so I'm not gonna tell you how to do anything
Sirina5471 Sirina5471 Aug 25, 2017
I am so glad I wasn't the only one saying that in Sebastian voice
bangtan-infires0617 bangtan-infires0617 Jun 24, 2017
I SMELL BLACK BUTLER HERE *in Sebastian's voice* Yes, my lord. ;)
Psycho_Zelda Psycho_Zelda Jul 19, 2017
Zalgo seems pretty over powered and insecure. I mean really he has to have a sneak attack in order to win any fight.
BrokenEra BrokenEra May 07, 2017
He is surprisingly an angel, not a demon. So, he wouldn't live in the underworld; he just causes chaos instead
The_Living_Hell666 The_Living_Hell666 Nov 05, 2017
Z I am on your Side...
                              Slender:WHAT!?Haruka Your On Whos Side Ch-
                              I SAID I AM NOT A CHILD OR A KID SLENDERP!!!