Created to Destroy

Created to Destroy

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Delirium_Echos By Delirium_Echos Updated Aug 23, 2016

In a world with a creator, there should be a destroyer. Right?

A story in which, Ink Sans created Error Sans.

(Ink x Error)


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Killmebruh Killmebruh Apr 01, 2016
error has to save ink from underfell papyrus who gRAPED him and then error finally kicks papyrus ass and ink goes and tries to commit suicide but error saves him
Piraedunth Piraedunth Mar 28, 2016
Error gets depressed( ya know being all alone and stuff) and when ink comes thinking that error has some stuff of his he instead he finds out that error has depression and the rest is up to you(would love it if there was smut in it though)
somecrappyclone somecrappyclone May 05, 2016
Fresh or whoever turns error into a kitten. That same day ink receives a box with holes on top he opens the box and kitten error is inside. The problem is that the effects will wear off and error will turn back into a skeleton the next day.(I hope this I'd good)
BoneMoonWolffe BoneMoonWolffe Apr 29, 2016
Maybe a part where Ink is making a new Au like painting it like making a new voidless space and painting and Error just watches him for a while then I guess embarasses him lol or somethin like that
Awsomecakeguy676 Awsomecakeguy676 Sep 17, 2016
Dream: hey gu- *trips over broken 4th wall* ow!
                              Me: I told you to use the 5th wall!
                              Dream: oops sorry