I'll see you in hell

I'll see you in hell

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"No way in hell are we mates," Cameron spat, his greenish-blue eyes glinting with hatred as he sneered at me. Ignoring the sensation of my heart breaking, I lifted my head, pushing back the tears brimming in my eyes and glared at him, clenching my hands in a fist behind my back as my wolf howled in pain. 

"Then it's settled. I reject you as my mate Clara Smith. I don't ever want to see you again, you pathetic mute worthless loser," he shot back, walking away before I could punch the shit out of him. 'I'll see you in hell Cameron!' I mentally yelled, flipping him the bird at his retreating back. As soon as he turned the corner, I dropped the smirk on my face and slid down the wall until I was huddled on the floor and letting a solitary tear leak out of my eye as my composure crumbled. 


Clara Smith and Cameron Claw are sworn enemies since the day the accident happened. So when they find out that they're mates, Cameron immediately rejects her. Broken to the core and missing her wolf, Clara turns to her family for support only to realise that the alpha's son rejecting her is the final straw. Clara hasn't spoken a single word since she was born due to reasons she doesn't even know and her family is sick of it. 

Thrown out onto the street, Clara struggles to survive, relying on cash from strange men and scraps from the street bins. When everything finally starts to turn around for Clara, she finds a job and home, a mysterious boy takes interest in her, suddenly Cameron wants her back. 

Will she ever forgive Cameron for breaking her heart and follow her hearts desire or will Cameron lose his mate forever?

Yes I know very cliche haha but I wanted to have fun with a story like this. Yes these characters are also in Saving Lola, they're sorta companion stories to each other but you don't have to read it to understand what's going on :3 Thank you for giving my story a chance! <3

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Wolf_Addicted Wolf_Addicted Sep 16, 2017
I don't understand why people bully sometimes and they be doing things way to far
Wolf_Addicted Wolf_Addicted Sep 16, 2017
Plsss girl kill em with fire burn the house and them with it
fantazy503 fantazy503 Sep 08, 2016
I don't remember having bullies on my Year's of high school! :( We had groups of boys and girls that Beat up Bullies and that's why students were scared of bullying other students.
readermaryd readermaryd Jul 17, 2016
Do not waste you time on this author has a meltdown can't. Finish and her way to discontinue this book was to have Cam kill himself. Please stop reading this author does not deserve your time and should pull this story down.
fantazy503 fantazy503 Sep 08, 2016
Awe! Poor Boo. :'( Things will be ok. You are better off without him!
fantazy503 fantazy503 Sep 08, 2016
It's ok! I'll be there with you every step of the way. I'll share your pain an thoughts so in that way it won't be too much on you.