Under the Sheet of Darkness|«Reylo»

Under the Sheet of Darkness|«Reylo»

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M.J. Pereson By MJPereson Completed

"Ben, BEN! Why are you doing this?"
"I have to"
"I see under the sheet of darkness that has fallen upon you, come back before it's too late!"
"It already is too late. Goodbye, Rey."
Then Rey felt herself fall into a deep, un-peaceful, and dark sleep. Kylo Ren slowly glided away from her unconscious form. A tear, although invisible from the rest of the universe underneath his mask, fell down his cheek. Kylo Ren left the scene of the massacre, where he had just murdered dozens of former fellow Jedi padawans, at the academy his uncle had established. He didn't look back, for he knew that if he did, he would totally break...he would be torn apart.

Please note that this story STARTS in the time while Kylo Ren/Ben is at the Jedi Academy.

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I (obviously) do not own Star Wars, only characters that I may create...this is a REYLO fanfiction, so if you do not appreciate or if you dislike this match up, please do not read! I wish not to receive hate! Please forgive me if there are some inaccuracies in here that may not EXACTLY follow the canon Star Wars Universe. I hope you all enjoy my writing! 

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Kittidiot Kittidiot Jan 02
I was just about to start my science fair project that’s due in Friday but that can’t wait a few hours
This is a great and interesting start, it's very original! I like it :)
_mxea_ _mxea_ Jan 01
Awh this is cute and i have hopes for this fan fic. 😂💕
But that girl is your future girlfriend/future wife/future mother if your future kids/the girl you are going to have lovely moments with that I will be recording on a camera trying not to scream of happiness
After reading the description I'm totally excited and I can't wait reading your novel! May the force be with you :)
Such an awesome first chapter. Now if you'll excuse me, the second chapter!!!!! Yay, can't wait!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤