Kidnapped My Savior

Kidnapped My Savior

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JBGOAL By JBGOAL Updated Mar 09, 2017

His name is Jason McCann. One of the world's most wanted gang leaders and he never had the chance, to choose his way of living. 
This life could've killed him, if it wasn't for the - now 17 year old Lilith. He got obsessed with her and after four years, he decides to take her with him. She thinks she's just another girl and just another target to him, but she couldn't be more wrong. She means the world to him, but will she ever find out? Will she learn to love the man, who doesn't know how to love?

Contains sexual content, violence, dangerous and irresponsible behavior, deadly situations, reference to alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, explicit and frequent use of profanity and strong language. If you may find any of this disturbing, I recommend not to read this story.

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sweettners sweettners Oct 01, 2016
She's confident oh no no oh no no can tell when she walks in the room