Why Me? | Book I | Jason McCann |

Why Me? | Book I | Jason McCann |

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"What do you want from me? I don't even know who you are." I asked getting annoyed that a guy I don't even know wont let me leave the bathroom. I was ready to scream, not that anyone would hear me over the loud music.

 "Well sweetheart, you may not know me but I know you very well, I will tell you one thing, I'm Jason Mccan. And you are now my property." He said smirking. 

I chuckled nervously after he said that. "Haha, funny joke almost got me."

 "It wasn't a joke babygirl, you're mine now." He whispered in my ear before putting a cloth over my mouth and before I knew what was happening, I knocked out.

**WARNING:There is a lot of cursing and violence in this book. I advise those of you who are 13 and younger not to read it. I will not give you anymore warnings. Have fun reading :)

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RobinGoodson RobinGoodson Jun 06, 2017
They jumped from foster house to fosyer house so he took his brother and ran away after they were adopted.
Soso_bloum Soso_bloum Aug 12, 2017
I don't know any of these ppl I only know who JB is in this book
justinbieberl94l justinbieberl94l Aug 01, 2017
Yay she has the name Carmen. That's my name and I hate it, it makes me feel better knowing that some people have that name and that I'm not the only one
RobinGoodson RobinGoodson Jun 06, 2017
Who was killed by the police in other books and in the csi they played on.
Soso_bloum Soso_bloum Aug 12, 2017
I dont like it...😐
                              BC I LOVE IT😱😂❤️(((((((sorry
RobinGoodson RobinGoodson Jun 06, 2017
Me i would be like oh hell nah let me out. Lol but thays how i am too im like stipid pay attention or your not gojng to learn anything lol.