Catching Feelings - Jastin (Boyxboy)

Catching Feelings - Jastin (Boyxboy)

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Justin Bieber, a 17 year old boy lives with his mom and his sister Jennifer in Sacramento, California in a horribly small house for the three of them. With debts and a lot of things to pay for, Esther Bieber sees herself desperate for finding a new way to live. She wanted to give her two sons a good life, but she felt that she wasn't doing it right, since Justin even had to drop out of school.

One night, the (awful) landlord of their tiny house offered Justin something he couldn't refuse, if he wanted to help his family. The offer was... being sold to a man Justin didn't knew, yet. Justin accepted. But what the seventeen year old boy didn't knew was that he was going to be bought by the handsome millionaire, Jason McCann.

Both struggle with lot of things on the way, but... Are they going to be a couple someday? 
Are they going to catch feelings for each other?

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Wtf I don't think anyone in the U.S can live with just 200 dollars a month. Maybe in other place but not the U.S
LucyMillers1 LucyMillers1 Dec 24, 2016
Didn't expect should've seen my wide eyes.... GAY CLUB
purpcse purpcse Jul 04, 2016
Don't worry babe, Jason Mccann will take care of that :))))))
Jastinshipper Jastinshipper Feb 27, 2017
Kidrauhl is that u ? I remember when I brought Supras just because Justin  had it omg 🤤