Playing The Player (Discontinued)

Playing The Player (Discontinued)

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Karen By bookjunkie__ Updated Jul 30, 2013

"I bet you 50 bucks, I can get Asher James to fall in love with me."

"I'll give you 100 bucks if you can make him fall in love with you AND get him to stop being such a douche bag." 

And that's how it all started. 

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Hey I was wondering what are the REAL names of the guys who play Asher, Zac, and Dylan. Cause they are gorrgggggyyyy😍😍
skyler786 skyler786 Feb 15
I thought u meant miracle as in it was a miracke she was ther, didnt kno it was her name
When someone gives me attitude when I ask a question politely…
Ya dude Charlie swan is Bella swans dad in the twilight series 😂
chrxstie chrxstie Feb 13
omg I love cocky girls in stories when they're main characters haha
skyler786 skyler786 Feb 15
Tbh.... I jus go 4 the nachos. (Dw, im not sum kinda crazy eata hu gets sauce all ova their mouth with nachos fallin out of their mouth! I jus lyk nachos.. nd yes tht includes doritoz!)