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Playing A Dangerous Game

Playing A Dangerous Game

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@TheMightyKeyboard By DialngCreatvty Completed

"That's not something you mess around with." I say to her and she just rolled her eyes.           "It's not like he's going to fall for it anyway." She looked at her baby pink nails.           "Then why do you-"          "Because," She snapped looking away from her nails to me. "He needs to know how it feels to fall in love and then have your heart ripped out of your chest and just feel like you're dying inside." She clenched her fingers into a fist. "Plus you don't believe in love anyway so it should be a piece of cake to keep your end unattached."           "Yeah whatever."           Monica Roth wasn't exactly the new girl but she wasn't exactly popular either. Her best friend Destiny Hamilton was a cheerleader but wasn't exactly in on the it crowd. They both seemed to keep to each other until one day the head cheerleader Madison Valentine comes up to Monica asking her a favor.           A favor to play a game with the school's newest hottie.          Derek Reid.          Derek used to believe in love, it's what he lived and breathe for. Until he watched his mother become a slut because of it. The one thing he thought was so beautiful and the cure all to mans problems no longer exist. He became cold and heartless to anyone who didn't deem themselves worthy in his eyes.         He played games with girls hearts, cause them to fall in love and literally break their hearts when he doesn't return the affection. He's just that type of guy.            What makes Monica stand out from anyone else was the fact she's never been in love. She didn't believe in it, her parents never fell in love. She lives with her mom during the week and her father every now and then. It just something she's never witnessed so she didn't believe in it, to her it was just a myth.           So when she gets asked to play the game of love with Derek she literally can't say no.

Bitch I'm not like most blondes I'm actually smart and not a bimbo
nicol_kat_ nicol_kat_ Jul 23, 2016
Yeah I'm almost 16 and my mom is already 50 ... not fun when everyone else's parents are like between 35 and 45
Damn quoting hunger games 
                              Also hg fan I shall also leave now
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WhAt ThE fRiCkle FraCkLE iS Up WiTh ThESe BloNdE SteRIotYpes