Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots (3)

Big Hero 6 x Reader One Shots (3)

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Mariah • Queen of BH6 By RioftheSouthernIsles Updated Mar 25

If you're still in the Big Hero 6 fandom, then you're aware of what these are. 

If you're new, read the first two books before reading this one.

I am accepting requests! 

I do not own any of the Big Hero 6 characters. All rights go to Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Warning: I DO NOT write smut, lemons/limes, anything about self harm or depression, girl x girl, or boy x boy. Do. Not. Ask.

Author-chan can you do a Cheater Hiro x Heartbroken reader, it's a song one shot with the song 'Woke the f*ck up' by Jon Bellion, (I think the song will give you some ideas and that you'll also love the song ^-^)
MilaBobila123321 MilaBobila123321 Sep 29, 2016
Please do a wasabi x reader! He would be such a cute, awkward boyfriend. 😝
otakulover978 otakulover978 Jul 06, 2016
Couuuld you do a Hiro x Dancer! Reader. 
                              The reader is kind of a to.boy and they obviously like each other, Hiro is always stiff when he dances so he learns how yo dance yo 'win her over'? Sorry if that's too big-
bitches_aint_shit bitches_aint_shit Jun 30, 2016
Can you maybe do a Tadashi x reader, where the reader is being bullied and doesn't tell Tadashi until she gets almost deathly injured by the bullies and Tadashi saves her or something like that, please? :)
intelleblue intelleblue Jun 16, 2016
I'd like to see some GoGo/Honey Lemon X Male! reader, please.
thatbloodyfangirl thatbloodyfangirl Apr 15, 2016
Oh, um, hi! 
                              If you have the time, could you write a HiroxReader imagine where the reader gets injured at a school game and Hiro helps the reader when it comes to recovery? Thank you if you get to do this :)