It's Like You & Me Against the World (Hiro x Reader)

It's Like You & Me Against the World (Hiro x Reader)

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Recently, my parents just died. My other relatives weren't available, so I had to move to San Fransokyo. Aunt Cass, or what she told me to call her, was one of my parents' best friends, so she volunteered to take me in if anything happened. There, I met Hiro and my whole world changed, negatively and positively.
     Sure that boy gets on my nerves, but I think we make a good team.

Woah, what? Return of the microbots? 
Hiro's in love?!

     [Summary: Reader (you) lost your parents and moved in with Aunt Cass and Hiro. Hiro and you get off to a bad start, but once you got to know each other... you know, the usual butterflies and blushes start to appear. 
     Takes place after the movie with a new bad guy and an additional member to Big Hero 6.
      Just so you know, this isn't all just fluff. You and Hiro don't immediately fall in love. It's adventure and romance I suppose.
      Just check it out. xD]

{Hiro Hamada x Reader}
{I don't own Big Hero 6}

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