In My Arms (Fangle) ✔️completed✔️

In My Arms (Fangle) ✔️completed✔️

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Jaden Armida Chavez By Manglecupcake10 Completed

"Woah, look at her eyes!"

"What a freak."

"Is that even normal?"

Mangle held her head in her hands, breathing slowly. Please make it stop, she thought to herself.

"I heard her dad died and her mom's a druggie."

"I heard she doesn't even have a mom."

Tears slipped out of her eyes as the words began to surround her. She felt as though she were drowning. It suddenly became hard to breath and she knew what she had to do. She patted her pocket to make sure it was still there. She quickly wiped her tears and asked to use the restroom.

Her footsteps were loud as she walked down the vacant hallways. She made it there as quickly as she could. She walked to a stall and locked it. She got the tiny silver blade from her pocket and sat down. As tears rolled down her cheeks she began to drag it across her wrist. Blood oozed from the scars as she said the rhyme that she knew all to well.

1 cut
2 cuts
3 cuts
Come on darling, what's one more?

5 cuts
6 cuts
And 8
Oh what a mess you will create

9 cuts
10 cuts
And 12
I am someone who upon is never dwelled

15 cuts
Out to God is what I need to be reaching

She grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the mess.

This was not that long ago. If her mom hadn't of found out and moved her to California , well I'm pretty sure you can all guess. Now she's  attending Fazbear High and has so many friends. So many people that love her. She's important and everything is perfect.

But things can not always stay that way.

"Please. Stop! Why are you doing this to me?!" She screamed out, but nobody else could hear her. She was alone with him and she couldn't hate it more.

"Please, someone help." 

But no one can help you when you're all alone.

I do not own anyone or anything in this story except for the plot.

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LadyMericorno LadyMericorno Apr 04, 2017
This seems good so far. The cutting rhyme is sad but catchy. I had the first part stuck in my head but kinda different
HyenaX HyenaX Mar 10
I love authors notes. It can tell is what to expect in a story or when the next chapter is out.
TheFnafguy TheFnafguy Jul 15, 2017
I now have a good picture of what they look like and I can only give it a 👍
Manglecupcake10 Manglecupcake10 Sep 13, 2017
I agree but I think it's quite odd if a human would walk around with a naturally red nose 😂
SaphireAndDiablo SaphireAndDiablo Sep 20, 2017
I don't mind if it is short it's descriptive and are already having drama
animanac animanac Oct 30, 2016
Not sure if he used to cut himself but he had the face and attitude of a boy who  could