They Are My Friends 2; FNAF

They Are My Friends 2; FNAF

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This is a sequel to the first book of 'They Are My Friends'. I recommend reading that book first before you start reading this book. :)

•female reader•
You're worried sick about Goldie. He's nowhere to be found. The animatronics try to calm you down, but it has been enough. You decide to search for Goldie on your own, but won't end well. It'll scare the animatronics. And of course you will scare Freddy the most. 
Also, Chica's curiosity is growing bigger. She's dying to know where she comes from, who built her and the other animatronics. You decide to help Chica out and soon you two are looking for the truth. You swore to keep it as a secret, but of course, it's harder than you thought it would be. Freddy is watching you and Chica more than ever, noticing that you two are doing something suspicious. And with everything that's happening, you have no idea that a certain animatronic is planning a war to get you back on his side. Things are about to get crazy. And very wrong. Again. 

×Pictures in this book are not mine×
×Contains a lot of swearing and fighting scenes×
×Five Nights at Freddy's belongs to Scott Cawthon×

Hey I got your message on my board but for some reason it won't let me reply so no problem and thanks for writhing the best story ever! <3