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Shelli By stfuximshelli495 Completed

After her mothers suicide, Blair copes with an abusive father, ridicule at school, and her mothers sudden death by self medicating with drugs, and cutting.

She reunites with her childhood bestfriend Adam, even though he's part of the crowd that used to terrorize her at school, and they end up developing feelings for each other.

But when a vengeful ex tries to tear them apart, Blair finds happiness somewhere else. So when secrets are revealed, new emotions come to life, and bad memories resurface; will Blair succumb to temptation, or rise above?

  • abuse
  • bully
  • cutting
  • dark
  • drugs
  • high
  • love
  • relationship
  • school
  • suicide
hehalex hehalex Aug 19
Is it bad I'm sort of laughing because I expected it to be a duck
blahhbabe1030 blahhbabe1030 Jun 28, 2016
Omg this is amazing for ur first story !! Damn u r talented !!
killerofallmen killerofallmen Jul 25, 2016
Hmmm. Never done coke. Got my shitty attitude from oxy and vicodin. Made it easier to carry around too, put em in a motrin bottle and never got caught.
ButtercupPower ButtercupPower Oct 13, 2014
Aren't you suppose to be high tho? U wouldn't even be able to move properly or even drive.
night_flower3 night_flower3 Sep 06, 2014
Is it bad that I laughed when she have him the bird? Probably.
night_flower3 night_flower3 Sep 06, 2014
Apsulutely shitless? Or just sorta shitless? These details are important. Haha