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The Broken Bird

The Broken Bird

31.6K Reads 1.4K Votes 8 Part Story
Merlin and Robin By MerlinGrayson Completed

*just a short story that popped into my head*

It started out as a regular day in Happy Harbour. Hardly any crime to go after. Or so it seemed. For the team it was a nice day to relax and in Robins case, study. When Robin gets frustrated, the team comes in, but instead of talking, Wally and Robin get into an argument that leads Robin to go for a walk and cool down. In this cooling down stage, he gets captured by the Joker himself and is taken without anyone really knowing. The team having no idea he is gone. What happens to our poor bird? Will Wally ever forgive himself after that? Warning: torture and angst.(slight AU with Wally and Robin's friendship)

Leave bae alone and go find Jason!! 
                              No wait... Jason's bae too...
                              Go find some one else Joker, lust leave my baes' alone! *grabs Dick and Jason and runs*
OH HECK NAW. YOU LEAVE MY BIRDIE ALONE YOU EVIL DUCKLING. *grabs Robin and put him behind me protectively while hissing*
Nicoismycat Nicoismycat Apr 12
Really Wally? At least he can hack better than you. Have you EVEN SEEN HIS SKILLZ?
lilah505 lilah505 Jun 02
Watch your mouth Wally. Robin was trained by The Dark Knight he is more skillful then all of you combined. Have you ever seen Robin back away from danger
Nicoismycat Nicoismycat Apr 12
Dude. You.Did.Not.Just.Say.That. About.My.Baby.
                              IM COMING FOR YOU!!*is held back from killing his miserable ass*
lilah505 lilah505 Jun 02
Good luck Wally, Batman is going to be piss when you tell him why happened