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The Broken Bird

The Broken Bird

26.8K Reads 1.2K Votes 8 Part Story
Merlin and Robin By MerlinGrayson Completed

*just a short story that popped into my head*

It started out as a regular day in Happy Harbour. Hardly any crime to go after. Or so it seemed. For the team it was a nice day to relax and in Robins case, study. When Robin gets frustrated, the team comes in, but instead of talking, Wally and Robin get into an argument that leads Robin to go for a walk and cool down. In this cooling down stage, he gets captured by the Joker himself and is taken without anyone really knowing. The team having no idea he is gone. What happens to our poor bird? Will Wally ever forgive himself after that? Warning: torture and angst.

SinghUnicorn SinghUnicorn Nov 20, 2016
Robin: Let's let the Joker figure this out!
                              Several hours later after fighting the Joker
                              Wally: *cough* Dick will you stay until I'm better?
                              Robin: Say it
                              Wally: Say what?
                              Robin: You know exactly what I'm talking about
                              Wally: *sighs* Fine. a *chokes* BETTER fighter than me
bunnyhopps3000 bunnyhopps3000 Sep 10, 2016
Aren't KF and robin best friends? They shouldn't be fighting like this. Just sayin'...;-;
ItsCrazyNuts ItsCrazyNuts Jul 21, 2016
Oh wally you are funny hahah you were joking right wally...AHHH YOU WOULDVE HAD TO HAVE BEEN JOKING JEEZ H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S
HufflepuffWampus HufflepuffWampus Aug 22, 2016
You think that batman would let him fight if he wasn't good?
Pegasister60 Pegasister60 Jun 26, 2016
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hell! Why must I love reading stories where my favorite characters are in pin. Maybe because they are plentiful? I know these kinds of fics are common and usually really good, so don't let me down now instincts!
Catsaremeow Catsaremeow Feb 15
I hated watching this. Not my baby. Fight meh Joker. I will rip out your spine, make a noose around your neck with it and hang you.