RWBY: Primal (#RWBYverseAwards)

RWBY: Primal (#RWBYverseAwards)

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David Grym By Gry11m Updated Apr 22, 2016

Centuries ago. A prodigal teenaged warrior cast out from his tribe for treason. Body preserved for hundreds of years, only to be reanimated with no clue as to his surroundings. And no way to defend himself against the threats of this new world. That is, until he stumbles upon a small group of similar fighters out on an initiation test.

RWBY storyline, but with an OC.

I do not own RWBY or any related materials. They all belong to either RoosterTeeth or their respective owners. The only personal creation is my added character.

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Lucas_Fury Lucas_Fury Jun 07, 2017
I need a hostile scanner! So many bipolar people try to kill me on a daily basis!!!
Soulessa Soulessa Aug 06, 2017
That Sounds Like Something Our Friend Jason Voorhees Would Do Plus He Is Also 7 Feet Tall
starshadownoir2 starshadownoir2 Aug 05, 2016
Okay, I just wanted to say, from the description given, this sounds like an extremely badass suit
Zone-Grandory Zone-Grandory Oct 10, 2016
By any chance at all, was that drunk man the demoman from tf2?