diary pages | choi youngjae

diary pages | choi youngjae

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"don't touch my diary."

min eunbi, a quiet girl who has a love for music. she's the girl writing in the pages of the diary which her sister gave her. in her school, she meets the new kids.

seven new kids.
seven new boys.

seven new boys who decided to be friends with her.
in one of those seven, is the boy she likes.

© youngjaeeechoi // mya

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HollyRedding HollyRedding Sep 12, 2017
OOOH got me in bts feels at the moment....Haruman..  and jins high not in his lil bit gets me off my feet.
GotBangtanislife7 GotBangtanislife7 Jan 05, 2018
Isnt areum in another book? I remember it, I finished a book with a character named Areum too
_CupOfTae_ _CupOfTae_ Dec 24, 2017
Not interesting!? Gurl I can't even sing a word without making someone's ears bleed. Tbh I sound like a dying cat when I sing lolz
jhnkrmr jhnkrmr May 19, 2018
lol tbh, this is quite cringe 😂 but it’s not like i can do any better
xngxlbxnny xngxlbxnny Apr 09, 2017
rereading this and ik i'm about to be attacked by the feels ;-;