Twitter friends

Twitter friends

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⌜cold weather⌟  By hoseokspotato Completed

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Jimin finds out who his online best friend is and he can't deal with the truth.

 ⌞Started on: 12/february/16⌝ 
 ⌞Finished on: 26/february/16⌝

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yoongays_smO0th_LeGs yoongays_smO0th_LeGs Aug 22, 2017
sAmE both of my best friends listen to kpop (well one listens to SVT but doesn't even know their names :') ) but the rest of my friends don't
ParkMadison ParkMadison Oct 22, 2017
ME TBH Vermont is so lonely there's no k-pop boppers or emo kids here
sayoonya sayoonya Dec 31, 2017
Imagine this as a Drake & Josh episode. "So i met this Yoongi," "I ran into this Jimin,"
generositae generositae Jun 11, 2017
girl boy bakla tomboy butiki baboy
                              o anuna @filipino armys 😂😂
DoctorWhoFangurl97 DoctorWhoFangurl97 Aug 19, 2016
That moment when you legit named two of your rabbits Suga and ChimChim coz you're yoonmin Bangtan trash (they're both my top two biases). Every time I see their nicknames now I just think of my rabbits😂
-kangsjoon -kangsjoon Aug 13, 2016
me: do u like bts?
                              friend: yes
                              me: so we are bffs