Realm of Art Contests [CLOSED]

Realm of Art Contests [CLOSED]

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SagiCorn_Artists By SagiCorn_Artists Updated Feb 05, 2017

[CLOSED FOR EVER probably]
"Art contest becomes a fun game. Microminiature cells evolve into mighty GODS!"

Welcome, fellow artists/players to the Realm of Art Contests!!! If you like to draw and design, this will be a world of fun and bliss for you to compete with others who share the same dream! 

This universe is ruled by the Goddess of Time and Space, Lyrica! And the Cat Ninja, Mya! Everything here is under our control! And everything is decided by art contests! A round of contest about each month with 3 themes! The choice is yours! Challenge other artists to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each theme! 

You were born a human artist but you will turn into a unicellular artist when you enter this world! Draw, win and rank up to become a God! A typical RPG game where you will need to gain EXP to level up X3! 

Have fun in our World! And invite others here to share the fun! The more the merrier! Enjoy~

We came up with this original idea, please do not use it for your art contest books. Thank you.

[Cover by @AquaIria]

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KyennSiAko KyennSiAko Oct 23, 2016
• 3 • I'm already a GODDESS
                              In my dreams. 😂😂😂
BerNerNerZ BerNerNerZ Oct 20, 2016
I really,really,really like the idea of this book,it's creative,fun,unique!IN LOVEEEE!
BerNerNerZ BerNerNerZ Oct 17, 2016
This is unique,it's games&anime&art,all of my baes! XD
-seeds -seeds Dec 30, 2016
I'm just saying this.
                              But in some art apps or some 'printers'
                              You can erase them
TrainsRus TrainsRus Aug 30, 2016
Yeah because we are all little cells falling through the sky and Tet is telling the rules to the cells on his finger
KyennSiAko KyennSiAko Oct 23, 2016
Nyahahahahah!! 😂😂😂 This book is complete! It's an interesting way of making a contest. I liked it.