Of Friendship And Love (BTS Jungkook)(BTS Jimin)

Of Friendship And Love (BTS Jungkook)(BTS Jimin)

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Kim Yoona By jikook_af Completed

Jeon Jungkook, he is a very playful boy. He is popular among girls in the school but never talks to them except for this one girl. He would disturb her and annoyed her which make the girl scold him but for some reason he likes it when the girl scold him and call him stupid. He found it cute. 

Park Jimin, Jungkook's bestfriend. He is popular too but he's different from Jungkook. He talks to everyone including girls but not a playboy. He's just friendly but he's too nice with girls so people thought that he's a playboy. But Jimin only keep his eyes on this one girl from afar.

Nam Dahyun, the coldest girl alive only with boys but she's actually a very bright girl. Other girls always scold her for being too mean with boys especially Jungkook but she didn't care. Not knowing that she secretly has a crush on someone.

Jimin : Love is a sacrifice, Friendship comes from paradise.

Jungkook : Love is everything, friendship is everlasting.


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0XYJIN 0XYJIN Oct 31, 2016
we really don't care if it's fun or not just stop being perverted
Jihye_1a Jihye_1a Mar 09, 2016
EXO?? Wait it sounds like my mom and my grandfather that can be a wolf
- - Jan 19, 2017
I still cant decides 
                              v x jungkook
                              Jimin x jungkook 
                              Or sometimes v x jimin 
jajiangwapa00 jajiangwapa00 Jan 10, 2017
You got it right sweetie:) and ill tell you his boyfriend's name. KIM TAEHYUNG. Remember that always..