Snowbirds {harry and hermione} COMPLETED

Snowbirds {harry and hermione} COMPLETED

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Hermione sighed. "I'm really craving ice cream. I know it's not a Hogsmede weekend, and we'll get in loads of trouble...." Harry smirked. "I'll race you." 


This is the story of 2 best friends who became more, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. From the moments they first met to the very end, these two are a roller coaster of a duo. 

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all character rights go to J.K. Rowling

dolphinlife dolphinlife Jul 21
This was amazing it really caught my attention I hope you make lots of books
Mani2001 Mani2001 Jul 14
I should say, you're really one of the brightest writers of your age...
That crossed the line... Polyjuice potion incidents shouldn't have been brought up.
You are capturing Hermione's character PERFECTLY OML I love you