Sasuke's Twin

Sasuke's Twin

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animeotaku7739 By animeotaku7739 Updated Jun 04

My name is Yuni Uchiha and I am Sasuke's twin sister. We have been together since birth and are still together now. Even though big brother Itachi Onii-san massacred our clan I still can't bring myself to hate him. Even though everyone else is gone at least I still have Sasuke-nii with me. Follow me on my shinobi journey. 

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Yukikora Yukikora Jul 13
The covering was useless... She is a girl... And I think she knows how she looks naked..
jai808 jai808 Oct 31
When they can only do powerful jutsus together kind of reminds me of the wonder twins
DaisyFrisco DaisyFrisco Jul 16
This story is so good, I couldn't help but smile at the hilarious parts (^w^+)>