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The Girl With No Trust (A Naruto Fanfiction)

The Girl With No Trust (A Naruto Fanfiction)

298K Reads 10.3K Votes 32 Part Story
Lilian White By Snowstar1016 Completed

I was born with a power, a Kekkei Genkai some would say. The power to copy another clan's kekkei genkai and then make it possible to use it to the highest of its abilities, it is rare even in my clan the Chikara's. This power no, this curse known as Kettō no usotsuki. My family sought to use me so I ran. I have run for years never using my real name, copying many kekkei genkai because this curse doesn't have an off switch.

I avoid the main villages and train in the forest sometimes I meet rogues that agree to train me for short amounts of time, in truth I am the youngest in the bingo book I was first put in that book at the age of eight, fours years after I started to run. Now I am twelve and wield the unknown blade, crafted by the same man who made the mists swordsman's  blades, A silver katana the ice blade as well as twin fans only the greatest opponents deserve to see my blade.

I live alone and trust no one.
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