How Is This Possible? Mpreg

How Is This Possible? Mpreg

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ThatOneGirl By GranolaBear Updated Apr 08, 2015

River Daniel Long

 Age: 16

 Sexuality: gay

 Eye color: hazel

 Hair color: blue but naturally light brown

 Likes: being flirted with, candy, music

 Dislikes: Bullies, hoes, hypocrites

 Bio: Sup?! I'm River, as you can see from above. I live in a town over run by gangs. There's 'The Unnamed', and they all hate me. They jump me every time they see me . It's horrible. Then there's 'The Jewels', with the stupidest name ever. They have a leader named Kayson, and he likes me. He flirts hardcore, and he's really cute. He always tells me that he wants to sleep with me and, I'm not a whore or anything, but I kinda wanna get in that kid's pants. Finally, there's 'The Black Eye.' Their leader is Eli, and he kinda likes me too. He sweetly flirts, and he's really adorable. I don't really care about what goes on there, whatever happens happens. My two friends, Patrick and Luke are in the 'The Black Eye' as well. But, anyhow. GTG, byezzzzzz.

Kayson Michael Robbinson

Age: 17

Sexuality: bi


I only read the character bios and I'm already falling for Eli. Wow.
BlairSnitchProject BlairSnitchProject May 12, 2015
He is too adorable. That picture makes me want to squeal and hug him forever.