Water In A Time Of Thirst

Water In A Time Of Thirst

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Van Carley By Van_Carley Updated Dec 08, 2018

☆☆The Wattys 2018 Shortlist!!☆☆

◇◇ please note, this is a rough draft, so any helpful suggestions to improve the story are welcome ◇◇

During a historic nationwide drought, desert-land stretches as far as the eye can see, but there are some people called Water Witchers who have the ability to sense and find water beneath the ground. They do not advertise their ability for fear of being used for slavery. Corbin is one of those people and he runs into a pair of siblings desperate to survive. He quickly learns that first impressions are deceiving. He is intrigued by them, especially Everleigh. Despite his tendency to keep to himself, a barbaric new law makes him go against it in order to protect her. 

There are ways around this law, some are legal but most are not. Either way, Corbin is not losing sight of the two siblings and will even risk revealing his gift of water witching if it means helping them. Limits are tested, loyalty is questioned and trust becomes fragile but if there is one thing threading their lives together, its determination to survive living in a time of thirst.

   ♡♡ What the critics are saying ♡♡

"I just wanted to tell you that your first chapter was one of the best intro chapters I've read on Wattpad. It was very well written,  and I already love the characters. You earned a new follower! Hope to read more :)" - DC_Outlaw

"This is really good, im definitely going to keep reading!" - Heatheranno

"My heart was pumping the whole way!! Really incredible![...] Loved how you introduced all the characters, and the description throughout the story was very well done!" - LaughingNerd1

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I_Am_Michael I_Am_Michael Mar 16, 2018
This kind of concept makes me intruiged to read it. This s the first ever book that I haven't even started yet but I already fell that it would be great
GeekAtlas GeekAtlas Jul 28, 2018
Lily James as Everleigh (an awesome name by the way): ahh, the Cinderella reinventor. Talk about an attractive breath of fresh air ^_<
GeekAtlas GeekAtlas Jul 28, 2018
Jennifer Lawrence as Josephine: based on her roles in American Hustle, Passengers, and Mother!, she’s a ‘Great Pick’.
GeekAtlas GeekAtlas Jul 28, 2018
Theo James as Armis: Great to see this Brit doing so well. Before the Divergent series, he was a baddie in a Brit Flick called Inbetweeners: The Movie.
GeekAtlas GeekAtlas Jul 28, 2018
Dwayne Johnson as Gavin: Nice to see ‘The Man’ making an appearance ^_<
GeekAtlas GeekAtlas Jul 28, 2018
Vanessa Hudgens as Savi: Interested to see what you do with her in this!