Two Worlds Collide(Camren) // EDITING \\

Two Worlds Collide(Camren) // EDITING \\

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Wattpad blocked the smut off this book for some reason, to read it, you must be following me.Sorry.(: 

Everyone expects a vampire to be shiny, sexy, and rich. I'm none of those things except, well, a vampire. My name is Lauren. I am 18 years old, and what you see in stupid twilight movies, is nothing like us. My walls were well-structured and nothing could break them down, until Camila Cabello Collided with them.

YES. I KNOW IT MOVES FAST.  No need to comment every chapter, thanks. 
//cover by: @SLOTHTATO ❣//

Honestly me. When I'm walking down the streets, I keep my phone in my pockets. Don't wanna risk some bïtch stealing it 😂 $6000 for that shiii !!!
yea okay, and when you die do you want us to bury you with your iphone? after all, you love it so much that you're willing to risk your life for it.
My life was super shitty when I was 18 and 3 years later? Still shitty lnao
CANT A FCKING GIRL WALK THE STREETS WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED BY GUYS??? WTF !! I don't care if it's day or night, it's fcking bs
okay so it's late at night and i probably find this more amusing than it actually is.
ThatKid813 ThatKid813 Jul 23
My typ of book unless it makes me cry then i just think god i just let a book make me cry lol