The Classix (BOOK 2 OF THE FAMOUX)

The Classix (BOOK 2 OF THE FAMOUX)

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kassandra tate By famouxx Updated Sep 18

100% going to be edited and rewritten but:

Book 2 of The Famoux Trilogy!

From The Classix:

"Nowadays I reckon that the longer I can postpone the evident crash ending of my celebrity life, the better for me. The longer I can maintain my patience and shut my mouth, the better for everybody. It shouldn't be too hard. Even before all this I was used to suffering through life. This time there are things worth it. This time, I have people who care about me--Norax, Till, Kaytee and Race, Cartney, Callan, and yes, definitely Chapter Stones. I have people to be concerned over. I have people concerned about me.

For the past three months, Cartney's is the hand I've had to hold, and patience is the action I've had to practice. Every day is a new opportunity to crash completely, yet every day I manage escape the inescapable fate. I wouldn't exactly call it a win, but it's the best prize I've been given.

For a while, we dissolve this way. Slip right into the routine. Get up, take a deep breath, brace the turbulence.

And then, abrupt like a train crash--

Everything changes."

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I love your book and I would be honored if I was in it!My name is Nicole btw.
nadatamer01 nadatamer01 Nov 28
I literally finished the famoux in 4 days and I promised myself not to read the second book because IB but here I am.
nadatamer01 nadatamer01 Nov 28
Btw as weird as it is, my name is Nada (dewdrops in Arabic) just you know throwing that in there...
sarahib22 sarahib22 Aug 06
The roller coaster ride starts now! (Although this is really late)
My name is banana 👌🏻🙄 no not really, I know I fooled you..... don't lie
i cried so much during the massacre
                              it sucks for me to read that foster died..
                              WHY KASS WHY