The Classix (BOOK 2 OF THE FAMOUX)

The Classix (BOOK 2 OF THE FAMOUX)

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kassandra tate By famouxx Updated Sep 18

100% going to be edited and rewritten but:

Book 2 of The Famoux Trilogy!

From The Classix:

"Nowadays I reckon that the longer I can postpone the evident crash ending of my celebrity life, the better for me. The longer I can maintain my patience and shut my mouth, the better for everybody. It shouldn't be too hard. Even before all this I was used to suffering through life. This time there are things worth it. This time, I have people who care about me--Norax, Till, Kaytee and Race, Cartney, Callan, and yes, definitely Chapter Stones. I have people to be concerned over. I have people concerned about me.

For the past three months, Cartney's is the hand I've had to hold, and patience is the action I've had to practice. Every day is a new opportunity to crash completely, yet every day I manage escape the inescapable fate. I wouldn't exactly call it a win, but it's the best prize I've been given.

For a while, we dissolve this way. Slip right into the routine. Get up, take a deep breath, brace the turbulence.

And then, abrupt like a train crash--

Everything changes."

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I love your book and I would be honored if I was in it!My name is Nicole btw.
sarahib22 sarahib22 Aug 06
The roller coaster ride starts now! (Although this is really late)
My name is banana 👌🏻🙄 no not really, I know I fooled you..... don't lie
i cried so much during the massacre
                              it sucks for me to read that foster died..
                              WHY KASS WHY
You are like the ONLY author with this idea .. props 👏🏻👏🏻💕 even tho you made me cry I forgive you because  amgkejbdifksjshiffing
Choccomocco Choccomocco Aug 12
Iris is a pretty cool name, in fact it means the protector of rainbows, very interesting if I do say so myself  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)