✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

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☾KittyKat☽ By Blurry_Writer Completed

"Best friend not boyfriend. Best friend not boyfriend," Tyler repeats to himself endlessly. 
He can't feel this way about his best friend, and he wouldn't let himself.

But Tyler should know better than anyone; you can't hide from love. 
Especially when it grabs you by the heart, twisting and tugging until you have no energy left to stop it.

He was in love with Joshua Dun, and eventually, he stopped denying it.

There was nothing left for him to do but fall deeper and deeper, past the point of being rescued, for his best friend.

                     •Please correct my mistakes!•

This is the first fanfic I ever wrote, so it may not be as good as my newer ones!

If you have any suggestions or requests for joshler stories/oneshots, comment and I'll write them.

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LiroTheHoe LiroTheHoe Sep 08
What if they say 'we were twenty one pilots and so were you' at the end of a show and no one thinks twice about it and that's how they brake up.
                              Wow, I just made myself sad
To everyone who are raging at these girls, shut up cause you're most likely gonna be the same if you saw them at a restaurant
patdpotato patdpotato Jul 25
The title though.... ONE TACO????  I get like two and im half their age.
Oh my god my name is Mya and I nearly choked on my French fry because whenever I see Mya in a book it'd usually spelled Maya
Anyone else been preparing a sentence to say If/when you meet them I've been trying to for a solid 3 months
ioshvadun ioshvadun Jul 23
everyones talking about the vine but i thought of that one time during the interview where tyler just interrupted josh with a napkin and wiped his mouth for him