✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

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☾KittyKat☽ By Blurry_Writer Completed

"Best friend not boyfriend. Best friend not boyfriend," Tyler repeats to himself endlessly. 
He can't feel this way about his best friend, and he wouldn't let himself.

But Tyler should know better than anyone; you can't hide from love. 
Especially when it grabs you by the heart, twisting and tugging until you have no energy left to stop it.

He was in love with Joshua Dun, and eventually, he stopped denying it.

There was nothing left for him to do but fall deeper and deeper, past the point of being rescued, for his best friend.

                     •Please correct my mistakes!•

This is the first fanfic I ever wrote, so it may not be as good as my newer ones!

If you have any suggestions or requests for joshler stories/oneshots, comment and I'll write them.

This is hella short, but if you like it, make sure to vote<3


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CandyExists CandyExists Jan 26
I hate people purely for the reason of judgement. it makes me feel awful about myself, and I don't even know why. #LifeWithAnxietyAndDepression
DannerTheFancyPants DannerTheFancyPants Dec 02, 2017
I will never think of that expression in the same way again.
why_not_ty why_not_ty Nov 19, 2017
i imagined her all sweet and stuff, kissing him on the cheek softly. but then is saw the word scampered and thought of her running with her legs all funny, and making weird grunting noises as she went back.
i’m listening to Tantrum by waterparks and the part where it says “cause you see i’ve got my hands full” came on yee
that_pansexual39 that_pansexual39 Dec 18, 2017
I got the cinnamon swirly things and there was hardly any cinnamon on them 
                              I was extremely disappointed
that_pansexual39 that_pansexual39 Dec 18, 2017
Jenna, please stay in reality while we live in this imaginary world, okay.