✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

✦Joshler✦: He's A Butcher With A Smile

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☾KittyKat☽ By Blurry_Writer Completed

"Best friend not boyfriend. Best friend not boyfriend," Tyler repeats to himself endlessly. 
He can't feel this way about his best friend, and he wouldn't let himself.

But Tyler should know better than anyone; you can't hide from love. 
Especially when it grabs you by the heart, twisting and tugging until you have no energy left to stop it.

He was in love with Joshua Dun, and eventually, he stopped denying it.

There was nothing left for him to do but fall deeper and deeper, past the point of being rescued, for his best friend.

                     •Please correct my mistakes!•

This is the first fanfic I ever wrote, so it may not be as good as my newer ones!

If you have any suggestions or requests for joshler stories/oneshots, comment and I'll write them.

This is hella short, but if you like it, make sure to vote<3


yat-yeah yat-yeah Jan 11
wait are the names a reference to the gabby show or can I just not remember her siblings
twylliana13 twylliana13 Feb 08
The taco bell in my town keeps the AC on all year round so its always freezing in there. It sucks during the winter
^ guys stop. It's only the first chapter and I'm already crying smh
mattilda12 mattilda12 4 days ago
OMG I HAD A HEART ATTACK READING THIS!!! BECAUSE SAME....LIKE ACTUALLY SAME...my friends get mad at me sometimes because i always ask them to order for me..!.!.!. Just saME
DancingWithDeers DancingWithDeers 2 days ago
                              KNEES WEAK
                              ARMS ARE HEAVY
                              THERES VOMIT ON HIS SWEATER ALREADY
                              MOMS SPAGHETTI
                              HES NERVOUS
                              BUT ON THE SURFACE HE LOOKS CALM ANDD bready
Why is she everybody's mom? She's my aunt and Tyler is my uncle and Josh is my dad(dy). Halsey is my mom