Drown Me (Joshler)

Drown Me (Joshler)

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jimmy neutron By nationwidesandwich Completed

Tyler Joseph is a teen who has no will to live. He thinks he's lost every reason to live, until he meets Josh Dun. Josh, who is still dealing with his own problems, decides to save Tyler. They become very close until a tragic event leaves Tyler alone once again. Or, maybe he isn't alone.


•strong language
•suicidal thoughts/actions
•mentions of drug use
•basically a ton of trigger warnings
•so if you are triggered easily don't read this
•or if you don't like reading this kind of fanfiction just don't read it
•this is the first fanfic that I wrote so it's not good but whatever

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connor-murphy-bitch connor-murphy-bitch Jul 14, 2017
and now, the most meaningful tøp lyrics ever...
                              me: BEEF AND CHEESE
LETSAG0 LETSAG0 Aug 09, 2017
everybody reciting TB SAGA while i'm wondering how a human sleep for 14 hours whilst i only sleep for 5????
buddy21703 buddy21703 Aug 12, 2017
ugh why must I read sad things and be sad and cry until I sleep which is never ugh
qvvertys qvvertys Mar 15, 2017
                              NO TOMATOES ON MY TACO
                              NO TOMATOES
                              NO TOMATOES ON MY TACO AND
21DragonsFallPanic 21DragonsFallPanic Jun 30, 2017
Ive had this in my library for like 4 months, finally starting it
PhanWillHappen PhanWillHappen Sep 19, 2017
ugh i'm getting to the end of my cappuccino and now all the liquid is gone so it's just cold hard ice sorta flavoured stuff. dammit tim hortons