Beautiful Deception (Bethany Ford Book 2)

Beautiful Deception (Bethany Ford Book 2)

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Bethany Grayson By bethanygrace2017 Updated Aug 29, 2017

Bethany Ford, now 18, has had a lot to deal with in her life. After running away from her abusive family, she falls into a whole new dimension. In this new dimension, she's been chased, shot at, stabbed a couple times, faced off with magical opponents, been on the brink of death (multiple times), and has experienced loss. But right when she thinks she's gotten past all of that, she gets hit again. 

But this time, from her old dimension. When old family ties show up demanding attention and giving hopeful promises, how will Bethany decide? Is her dad dead? If not, then where has he been when she has needed him most? What is this H.U.S.H. organization that he worked for?

Back in her new dimension, there's an impending doom for the Team and even for the Justice League themselves. The Light has been building their army, but when will they reveal themselves? And who will prevail?

With new teammates in addition to the older ones, Bethany's life gets pretty hectic, especially with high school graduation around the corner. There's a growing friction within the Team and arguments and conflict arise, almost splitting the Team. And on top of all of that, the Team becomes most vulnerable when one by one, they all start to mysteriously disappear. Will Bethany be able to save all her friends before what happened to her dad happens to them?

Unravel the secrets behind her father's disappearance and help save the Team!

Without further ado... a mysterious, thrilling, and dauntless novel. Try to stay TRAUGHT.

[A Dick Grayson love story - and other characters included]

[This is the second book of the Bethany Ford series. It is suggested that you read the first one! It's under my books, so have fun!]

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Coroxis_DG Coroxis_DG Oct 08, 2017
Of course she chokes on her water 😂😂 Artemis is actually my spirit animal
I wonder if I’m the show the voice actor for zatana said it backwards originally or if she said it normally and it was reversed or whatever.
Someone_Really_Crazy Someone_Really_Crazy Aug 07, 2017
Me ready thinking she knows who these kids are. I've seen YJ to many times.
RainbowFlash062 RainbowFlash062 Nov 03, 2017
If only there were more people like Dick Grayson, the world would be great
Imawesome12346 Imawesome12346 Aug 10, 2017
It's amazing that people work for them. Dying is in their job description
Fuuuuuuuuu(k I had to come back and see the point of view cause I thought it was Beth’s for a second and nearly screamed.