"Hello, Doc?"

"Hello, Doc?"

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nameless By chanaddict Completed

A ChanBaek/BaekYeol fanfiction.
"Hello, Doc?"

"Yeah, hello?"

"I have this kind of illness, and it's really serious and I can't help it. It's always passed my mind and I can't erase it or even control it."

"Do you know what is the matter, then?"

"Yes, it's because I'm in love with you."
Cover made by : @BbyunPuppy
This fiction is pure my imagination.

SameSoo SameSoo Jul 18, 2016
before i begin reading....is it a sad ending ?? ill wait your reply 🚶😂
RianWashington RianWashington May 04, 2016
Park Chan Yeol. Hahahaha hey baek! It's your husband. Hahaha
izzati_galaxy_15 izzati_galaxy_15 Mar 16, 2016
its not too quick ! I read all of it already *catch the roses* i cant wait for the first chapter ! *eat cookies*muahahaha lol
okaywillis okaywillis Apr 24, 2016
he was the doctor in Unfair so I CAN IMAGINE THAT YEAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
                              sorry. . .
crystalgamer crystalgamer Dec 22, 2016
I really like this book and i like the idea but i thjnk you shoukd work on proof reading it and fixing the mistakes (just some constructive criticism😂)
MylBaekhyuneeAngel MylBaekhyuneeAngel Mar 18, 2016
So so interesting...btw Dr.byun baek so smart with duty coat :-D. So cute