So,I Married An Anti-fan [Chanbaek] || COMPLETED ||

So,I Married An Anti-fan [Chanbaek] || COMPLETED ||

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HHCB_Aeri12 By HHCB_Aeri12 Completed

Pairing : Chanbaek
Language : English

Baekhyun and Chanyeol were in a relationship before Chanyeol did debut.Chanyeol broke up with Baekhyun when he was going to debut.

Now,Park Chanyeol,the age of 22,is a famous actor aka King of the South Korea or Face of the South Korea.

Everyone likes Chanyeol except Baekhyun.

But when the heading of the relationship between them change to 'Married ',will they fall in love again?

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whoseluhan whoseluhan Nov 18
                              IF YA COULD GET ME A DRINK
                              OF WATER
                              CUZ MY LIPS ARE CHAPPED
ayakaayui ayakaayui Nov 19
I remember a fanfic with same title and i cried a river because of it.. Heolㅠㅠ