He's Mine

He's Mine

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Five years training in the Death Valey has come into nothing. Trev is an Alpha with little words, girls are swooning over him and guys favor him. He never expect that his mate not just a male, but also the weakest.

Skylar is an Omega. Afraid being thrown out and alone, he learns how to be useful around the Silver Moon, the pack he lives in. Being a chef and learning cure spells are the center of his life. That is until he met Trev Maximillian the new Alpha.

He hates me, that's okay.

He hurts me, that's fine.

He doesn't want me, that's alright.

As long as I can see him, that is.

Don't be!I'm thankful bcoz ur story really make my heart screaming and give me chance to release my "other" side.so,billions thanx
Wait, why does that exclude women. Are they not ware wolves?
acatrerick acatrerick Sep 17
thank youu  \(・▽・)/  Skylar is a wolf but just like us humans who have their own unique differences, his wolf resembled a fox and had more intelligence and self control than common wolves