"I'm Blind.." | Naruto |

"I'm Blind.." | Naruto |

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Best Hokage By Best_Hokage Updated Nov 06

"Why'd you do that?!"

"Turn around, things happen." Kakashi says bored.

"I would- But she was look STRAIGHT at me when she did it!" The first voice says in anger.

"I'm sorry.." The shy girl says quietly. "I didn't see you." 

Naruto scoffs lightly. "What lies, how am I suppose to believe that?" 

"U-Uh.. U-Um.." The girl stuttered over her words and fidgeted.

"See?! What a jerk!" The person growls.

"I-I'm blind.." The girl says tilting her head. "I'm sorry for t-troubling you.."

Awesome start. Already loving the book even though I just read the first chapter.
Please not Akatsuki there are way too many fanfic like that. I wanted this to be something original, if you chose Akatsuki, okay. But I think leaving her in Konoha would be way more awesome.
chocopupkit chocopupkit Feb 10
. Yay! . wait that didnt sound right OMG HURRY UP AND POST MOREE !! ITS SO KAWAIII
AKATSUKI!!!!! She be best person ever and this would be funny and she'd be a bad æss