Yuuki Uchiha *editing*

Yuuki Uchiha *editing*

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"Itachi hurry up!" I called, flinging my waist length white hair from my face. Itachi and I may be twins but in hair colour it was the opposite. Like Itachi, Sasuke has black hair as well. So does my mother and my father has brown. Why I  got white hair is beyond me.

"Yeah, yeah. What's your rush?" Itachi said lazily.

"Argh! you always take forever to get ready. Don't you think so Sasuke?" I turned to my little brother with a bright smile.

He stayed quiet but I could see that he was trying not to laugh.

"I swear that sometimes Mother got the wrong baby, you're completely the opposite of me." Itachi laughed.

"You had better not be insulting me Itachi." I replied in a joking tone.

"You'd better watch out Itachi she might eat you up." a voice said

"Father! What are you doing home so early?" I asked, surpised to see him.

"I came to see you." He gestured to me.

"What for?" Itachi asked suspicously.

"Sticky beak." I laughed.

"You are to go to the Hokage to collect a mission." My f...

I love the cover!! Where did you get the picture? It looks so cool!!
Poison_Cupcakes420 Poison_Cupcakes420 Jul 30, 2016
Oh, I don't know itatchi would just go on a merderous rampage and kill everyone but sasuke while his innocent self dies in a pit of hatred and can never be brought back out..... So not much....😑😑😑
- - Jan 31
Never say what could happen it is the most horrible jinx word of them all
- - Jun 03, 2016
-bakainlove -bakainlove Apr 14, 2016
idk, the massacre?!
                              they probably sent her on a mission so itachi could complete the massacre.
NoTamers NoTamers Jun 16, 2016
I wonder if something also happens on her mission causing her to stay longer than needed