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Terres (Wattpad featured story)

Terres (Wattpad featured story)

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Violet Sun By VioletSun5 Completed

Wren is afraid of marked ones. Their steely demeanors and the wings on their backs send a cold shiver down her spine. She knows they don't have it easy. The very lucky ones end up as guardians of the caravan. The unlucky ones end up reaver food.
Just when she's gotten used to their presence, the childhood friend that abandoned her suddenly reappears, sporting wings on his back and harboring dark secrets. Wren can't just forgive him for the awful things he did to her, and she tries to distance herself, but she is forced back into his life when she runs to the other side of the caravan to escape the arranged marriage her family has plotted for months.
But the people on the other side are destitute, hungry, and angry. They're resentful of the guardsmen who do nothing to protect them, and of the merchants who pay them to turn their heads. And some of them are angry with her. She finds herself trapped in a conflict she did not ask to be involved with, for a goal that was never hers. 
An unpleasant surprise forces her back home just in time for an uprising to erupt, then spill into her backyard. With her best friend nowhere to be found and her parents gone as well, her childhood adversary may be the only one who is able to help her.
NOTE: This book is currently being edited and is undergoing rolling updates. The story will remain the same as before, with some of the mistakes removed :)

CONTENT WARNING: This book is not explicit but references violence and death of family members. Readers who find this kind of content triggering may want to steer clear of this book.
          Cover by @seventhstar :)

This is so good! The way you describe the world is incredibly detailed and well thought out. Also, I love the relationship between her parents.
I don't usually read Fantasy, because I'm really the sort of person that needs there to be logical reason for things to occur, but the blurb really caught my eye, so here I am! And how happy I am to be here!
MistressOP MistressOP May 01
Your writing is great and it's nice world building here. id combine the world building with more of a drag you into the story start.
She's so nice.
                              Also, if you want a cool em dash.
Maybe say 'she could not change,' if you want to avoid the second person. But if it's intended, it's a style thing. Authorial distance thing. Incredibly up to you.
omit comma after 'nose'.
                              If you were to say, "and [she] tried to ignore..."
                              then it would be right.