25. Into fantasy. Fairly friendly. Looking for a place to host my work that's better than blogspot.

Terres is my main series, and is finished as of May 2016. Since then it's also been featured and in the top 40 a couple times for Fantasy, so woo!

Please do not PM me read requests UNLESS they are specifically for inclusion in Violet Reviews Things.

I DO NOT PULL CRITIQUES. These critiques are for inclusion in a PUBLIC book. If you are not okay with a possibly BAD review being included IN A PUBLIC PLACE, please do not ask me for a review of your work.

If I want to read your story on my own, it's likely because I stumbled across it on my own. I am highly likely to just ignore you if you send me a non-review-related request, especially if your request is filled with spelling/grammar errors.

I enjoy feedback of all kinds, but please PM it to me or leave it in my book instead of posting it to my wall. The wall is for discussions and announcements, any feedback left there will be deleted (but you will probably still get a note from me)

If you put read requests on my profile OR in my book I will intentionally never read your book ever, so please don't do that, there is no point.

Have a good stay!
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Note to all:If you message me and we're talking and you start saying transphobic/homophobic/otherwise anti-LGBT things, I will stop talking to you. I'm pretty friendly and easy to approach, but I d...
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A place to put some fanart I have been receiving. Thank you to the people who drew this stuff for me, I appreciate it a lot <3 I'm throwing up the images!
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