Captive To The Alpha

Captive To The Alpha

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♡ Saralyn ♡ By toxicwords Updated Oct 15, 2016

"We're mates." Caleb said. I froze. My eyes scanned his face closely, reading carefully to see if he was being serious. It was a ridiculous statement. A werewolf being mated to a vampire? Impossible. Our species immensely disliked eachother. There was no way it was true.

The Alpha let out a sigh, as if detecting my denial. 

Before I could react, Caleb took my hand into his, grasping it tightly. Spark erupted immediately from the area he touched. A foreign heat coated my skin and butterflies flutter in my stomach. My eyes widened in disbelief and stomach twisted into an uncomfortable knot. I couldn't believe it. 

I was his mate. 


Raven is a vampire. She's sneaky, independent, and enjoys freedom. 

When starvation hits her clan, forcing them to break the territory line with the local werewolves pack, the young vampire suddenly finds herself caught in between two werewolves. Though one freezes, the other attacks, knocking her out cold. When she awakes she finds herself locked in a room with an Alpha who claims she's his mate.

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