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Adriana By desiadri Completed

" I have to leave, I know I am your mate, but I have to go towards the land of the humans. So everyone can be save" I say softly touching Xavier's face. 

He growled loudly, pushing me really hard against the wall, his hips keeping me captive. His eyes were no longer that beautiful shade of green but instead looking at me where this furious black eyes, I could almost see my reflection in them. It honestly frighten me to no end. 

"My beautiful Emma, you are not leaving me, not now, not today, not tomorrow, not EVER" He said the last part with such force that I swear the house shook. Those were my last thoughts as I felt his canines sink into my neck. Marking me. 


Meet Emma Thompson; daughter of two normal pack members of the full moon pack, she's beautiful, smart, brave and most importantly a rogue. 

Now meet  Xavier Anderson; son of Harry and Amelia Anderson, Alpha and Luna of the Nightmoon pack. He's possesive, ruthless, intelligent and hot.

What happens when this two collide? Wars, arguments, death, friendship and of course love.


Today was so fùcking cold and our teacher made us take pictures of street art outside. I just had to say that #hatethisteacher
wunziwunzi wunziwunzi Apr 19
Hav u been to fuking London. The weather is more bipolar than a Wattpad bad boy
I live in England and THE WEATHER IS SO BADDDD except maybe in summer 😂
Idk why but I started making myself some warm chocolate and sipped it slowly cuz I was mad when I read this paragraph😂
Try Wisconsin-_- 0 on Monday 57 on Tuesday and rain on Wednesday
unicorn_lover104 unicorn_lover104 5 days ago
I live in the United Arab Emirates and here the weather is mostly hot but when it's not it is soooooo bipolar like seriously one day u have a rain the next day is sandstorm and the day after that is soo fuçking hot!!!!🌧💨☀️🔥🔥