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Adriana By desiadri Completed

" I have to leave, I know I am your mate, but I have to go towards the land of the humans. So everyone can be save" I say softly touching Xavier's face. 

He growled loudly, pushing me really hard against the wall, his hips keeping me captive. His eyes were no longer that beautiful shade of green but instead looking at me where this furious black eyes, I could almost see my reflection in them. It honestly frighten me to no end. 

"My beautiful Emma, you are not leaving me, not now, not today, not tomorrow, not EVER" He said the last part with such force that I swear the house shook. Those were my last thoughts as I felt his canines sink into my neck. Marking me. 


Meet Emma Thompson; daughter of two normal pack members of the full moon pack, she's beautiful, smart, brave and most importantly a rogue. 

Now meet  Xavier Anderson; son of Harry and Amelia Anderson, Alpha and Luna of the Nightmoon pack. He's possesive, ruthless, intelligent and hot.

What happens when this two collide? Wars, arguments, death, friendship and of course love.


I wish i could see snow once but it never snows in EGYPT 😔
kkismyname1 kkismyname1 Jun 27
My exact reaction if i was her I would look behind me and be like where?!?
13 and 166 cm lmao and since when looks reflect personality?
v_noelle12 v_noelle12 Jul 28
Guys. Literally try to live in Arkansas and not get frustrated. It's like the weather here is bipolar or something. There will be a snowstorm for like 5 days and the next day it will be 90 degrees
Its actually not always hot. Florida can be very bipolar. One minute its raining then it stops then it rains then it stops
Thank god I live in New York some people don't like the weather but I do