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Class 2-B Meets the "Real" Tsuna

Class 2-B Meets the "Real" Tsuna

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Balsa! By caith_phothon Updated Feb 20

What if the whole class of our cute Tuna-fish goes to Italy for two weeks? What's more? It's supported by the rich and famous Vongola "corps" and it's also at the same time as Tsuna's ball/party with the other bosses of other mafias! What will happen to our Tuna-fish and what will the students see?

ViiAimi ViiAimi Jul 08, 2016
                              except I'm going to be a 7th grader in September.
ChrisD24 ChrisD24 Aug 08, 2016
Me too! The only difference is I'm gonna be an 8th grader in August
AnaSofiaPZ AnaSofiaPZ Nov 20, 2016
Because he is better than you (Are you really an elite teacher and do not know another language?)
Foxygirl27 Foxygirl27 May 08, 2016
I'll respect you when I grow wings and have magical powers, then I transport into the anime world, wait there's a 0.00000000000001% of that happening so when I stop hating you, so never 😄
ThatOneCootFruit ThatOneCootFruit Mar 12, 2016
I am your senpai 
                              Lol I've always wanted to say that to someone 
                              Btw your senpai is a fruit :p
_Anime0814_ _Anime0814_ Nov 06, 2016
Elite Teacher huh? More like Fake Elite Teacher and how dare he shout at Tsuna!!!!!! My tuna-fish!!!!!