Popular Nerd

Popular Nerd

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Teenage Girl By Random_Teenager Completed

Nathan Johnson is the nerdiest guy in school- everyone knows it. But Paige Heartfield couldn't help but see something more of him.

So, when she goes to his house to return his phone, she discovers he isn't so nerdy after all.

What happens when Paige advices Nathan to join the football team? And what happens when he becomes the new quarter back?

For the first time ever, Nathan is popular! But with all the popularity and flirtatious attention, does Nathan gradually forget the girl who believed in him from the start?

Soon it gets too much and Nathan has turned from nerd to jerk! When his new attitude becomes unbearable, Paige has to try and find a way to get the old Nathan back.

Is it possible for her to make him see that being popular isn't what's important, it's about being true to yourself.

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[Cover made by @bubblygummii]

BillRuesch BillRuesch Sep 16
I think locked eyes with hers would be better than connect. JMO (just my opinion)
I'm glad this isn't a book like "we've been best friends since kindergarten" like I don't even know where my friends from kindergarten are anymore
Bitch did she not just explain to you how busy she is this weekend? What do you have to do? Paint your pretty little nails?
BillRuesch BillRuesch Sep 16
She doesn't really have ketchup fingers, right? Maybe ketchup coated, dripping, or smeared fingers.
BillRuesch BillRuesch Sep 16
Groans defeated reads awkwardly (jmo). Maybe you don't need the word defeated.
Thank god he's not breaking up with her. I would have had to beat his ass