The Bookworm (People Like Us #1)

The Bookworm (People Like Us #1)

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Kimberly Diehl By KimberlyWritesBooks Completed

In the technological world in which we live, most teens start their love lives through text messages, emails and social media. 

	Save for Gabrielle Holmes. 

	With a mind that craved literature and demanded the challenge of figuring out the undertones of various novels, Gabrielle finds herself forming a friendship with a fellow book lover (under the pen name "Oliver") through books and letters. 

	And together, by pushing through the trials and hardships of their own lives, they write a story all their own.

Let's just say that love letters are about to get rediscovered...

* * * * * * * * * * 

If you like this story, cool beans.

But no, you can't copy and paste it somewhere. That is called plagiarism and is frowned upon. :) Don't know if anyone has attempted this or ever will, but you know, just covering the bases. Don't take my work and claim it as your own. Please don't take my work PERIOD. :)

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Copyright © 2014 Kimberly Diehl. All rights reserved.

Cover photo taken and edited by Lindsay Kayser.

SouthernGal01 SouthernGal01 Dec 21, 2016
My dad cut part of his finger off when I was maybe seven. He had been making salad and cut it of while cutting cucumbers. It was scary to look at and we didn't eat the cucumbers.😆
Utopiabooks22 Utopiabooks22 Sep 06, 2016
she is me.
                              brown hair.
                              loves to read.
                              school has no stereotypes.
                              school is like hers.
                              is the nerd but doesn't act like one - aka getting in trouble and etc - 
                              sorry for not putting it in actual sentences
Nynygonyny Nynygonyny Jan 27, 2016
I multitask... So yeah it's a skill I have I can listen to music a read at the same time😏😉
thecrazygirlfan thecrazygirlfan May 26, 2016
One thing I really like about you: you don't swear!! It's really hard to find stuff that's not over the top with their wording, and there are a couple books I stopped reading because of it. But I'm so glad yours don't!
Crazyforya1 Crazyforya1 Oct 31, 2016
Were you hungry by any chance when you wrote this? Harshburger 😂😂
ScuffedUpChucks ScuffedUpChucks Sep 21, 2016
Fe- Element abbreviation for 
                              Male- Man
                              Therefore...   Iron Man