Going Together

Going Together

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Bex By Xebbex Completed

The Sequel to Going Nowhere 

Scarlett and Xavier are loved up and blissfully happy. Nothing could be any better. But life is consistently changing, especially when you're a rock star.

Scarlett's career is taking flight and she is given an opportunity that she can't pass up. 

Xavier has trouble letting go, and finds himself slipping back into his self destructive ways.

When a tragedy changes everyones lives, the ripple effect it has threatens to separate Scarlett and Xavier for good.

Even an intense love and need for one another, Scarlett and Xavier will have to fight with everything they have to make it out the other side.

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MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas May 03, 2015
ypu made me suffer like crazy because of all the other books in the series, because going up, going down and going nowhere are in the same series for me
readlovetwilight readlovetwilight Feb 09, 2015
Okay so I a few days ago I wrote my first story. I have literally no idea of how to get my story out there. It is a teen love story that deals with pregnancy , sexual assault , and much more please whoever is reading this check it out. It is called US. 
                              Thank you!
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Feb 01, 2015
"I want to father all of your children." 
                              That part was hilarious. 
                              It makes me think of Star Wars. "Luke, I am your father." 
                              OH MY GOOD.
                              "Luke, I am fathering your children." 
                              ....Vats wrong with me?...
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Feb 01, 2015
I can feel the love all the way here. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO BOO, MWAH!
                              *whispers quietly*
                              There will be no Christmas sēx this year..
                              Ah schnitzels. Better luck next year.
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Feb 01, 2015
*pops into the story and whispers*
                              Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead..
supernatural-bish supernatural-bish Feb 01, 2015
                              *chucks a condom at Xavier* 
                              But remember, rubber is a must before you give that girl a thrust.