In Love With The Bad Boy

In Love With The Bad Boy

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Amelia Anderson (16 years old). Let me tell you something about her. You know that popular people that always look attractive, throw amazing parties and have a wonderful social life? Right, she's exactly the opposite. 
Everyone is considering her a nerd, and obviously she has that crush that will never like her back.

She goes into her natal country for holiday and there she finds him.

"I'm scared" I said when I pulled back from the kiss.

"Why, babygurl?" He asked kissing me one more time.

"You know, when we go back to England will be different, what if I lose you? What if your friends don't like me?" I was serious, looking into his eyes. I was actually scared, it was true, what are his friends going to say when they find out he's going out with a nerd like me. Bad boys don't go out with good girls, even if Jason wasn't a bad boy, for me he wasn't, but his reputation said something else. He was popular and cool, I was nerdy and unattractive. It was a big difference.

gizmo80911 gizmo80911 Nov 15
If I had to be in the car with my brother for 14 hours I would die
debbylast26 debbylast26 Oct 07
Same here ☁🎈🎈☁🎈🎈☁
adrib22 adrib22 Nov 21
My sis and I in the same car for that long would be a disaster azin like an eruption of a volcano
kittyman8 kittyman8 4 days ago
is it only me that dabbed through out the lyrics while singing them? xD
cleiscute cleiscute 3 days ago
When I was seven I was threatening to fight the biggest bullies
Just to point out not to be mean you might want to fix finish😘🙊fisnih lol. Great job so fast by the way!