How To Love A Bad Boy

How To Love A Bad Boy

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"I told you Colton. I don't like bad boys."

"All I need is seven days Janey, I can make you fall in love with me in a week."

"And if you don't?" I asked.

He looked me over, busting out his million dollar smirk. "I will."

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Hello!! Does this author stalk my life Coz this is literally me😑
Can I just say how much this is me like not even over exaggerated I have 9 contacts in my phone no joke 3 of which aren't even people they're directory service and all that junk that comes with your phone
daynelly123 daynelly123 Nov 16
Damn it can anyone give me a name of a book on Wattpad that's not cliche
daynelly123 daynelly123 Nov 17
These hoes dumb af hyping up guy best friends like sure they great or whatever but they gossip just as much as girls and they start drama as well and when they end up getting feelings for you it's over .